Custom Parts Orders.

We have a large selection of suppliers and distributors that we work with to provide you with the best pricing and fasted ordering turn-around time. These suppliers provide parts support for all the brands we carry, and are happy to send replacement parts for us to install or directly for customer sale.

We even support brands that we do not stock products for, but if forever reason we do not have the parts available, we are able to order from nearly any supplier worldwide.

We handle the entire process, from ordering, to importation, and will take care of any associated paperwork. Buying a product from the other side of the world, is as simple as if it was on the shelf in our store.

Just send us a message with what you are looking for, and we’ll get you a quote!

Local Manufacturing

If for some reason parts are not available, either due to back-orders, discontinuation, or you’d like a custom part made that doesn’t currently exist, we now have in-house part design and manufacture utilizing FDM and SLA 3D printing, and injection molding.

We also work with other local manufacturers for sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting/engraving and SLS printing services.

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