Hornet X.I


This bike can be custom ordered within approximately 2 weeks. Shipping to store, assembly and PDI is included in price.

Battery Options:
Battery(48V)- Single
48V/20Ah SLA
48V/30Ah Li
48V/50Ah Li;

Battery(48V)- Dual
48V/40(20+20Ah)Ah SLA
48V/60(30+30Ah)Ah Li
48V/80Ah(50+30Ah) Li
48V/100Ah(50+50Ah) Li;

Battery(60V)- Single
60V/20Ah SLA
60V/30Ah Li; 60V/50Ah Li;

Battery(60)- Dual
60V/40Ah SLA (20+20Ah)
60V/60Ah Li(30+30Ah)
60V/80Ah(50+30Ah) Li
60V/100Ah(50+50Ah) Li;

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