1/10 GRANITE 4X2 BOOST MEGA 550 Brushed Monster Truck RTR, Blue


The ARRMA design team of hobby enthusiasts redefines beginner-level remote control monster trucks with the 1/10 scale ARRMA GRANITE 4X2 BOOST 550 MEGA Brushed 2WD. It gets your big RC truck adventures off to a powerful start on the road to even greater performance extremes. The low price, ready-to-run ease, and 30+ mph speed potential all combine to make it one of the best RC trucks for first-time bashers. All you’ll need is a battery and charger. As your skills grow, crank the excitement up to eleven by increasing this ARRMA RC truck’s capabilities with easy, optional upgrades to 3S brushless power and 4-wheel drive!

Excellent value ready-to-run package for beginner RC bashers
Proven tough ARRMA® platform holds up to bashing abuse
Easy to upgrade for increased performance as your RC skills grow
Signature easy-access modular design simplifies maintenance
Capable of 30+ MPH speeds in optimum driving conditions with optional gearing

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