Welcome to SOAR Hobby

SOAR Hobby is Windsor and Essex County’s largest hobby and more store. We stock products across the spectrum of RC from RC cars, to drones, boats, and hobby tools and electronic equipment.

We also are the largest supplier of e-bikes, ATVs and Mobility Scooters. We are open year round for sales and service, and have 24hour pick-up services to help with unfortunately timed breakdowns and tire punctures.

Our airsoft selection is one of the largest in Canada, and since we are in a border city, we do importation internally. In addition to saving costs, this allows us access to a worldwide network of suppliers. We do custom orders for airsoft products that may not be available to larger online retailers who rely exclusively on Canadian wholesale distributors. Our primary supplier is Evike.com, which we do regular orders from. We can import from any company in the world however, so we can provide you with whatever retail, wholesale or importation services you may need.

Stop in today. We often have special giveaways and in store sales. Our outdoor RC track is also FREE to use, and is open whenever we are.

-SOAR Hobby