Our RC Tracks

Have you ever wished for a decent place to race your RC car?  We designed our indoor and outdoor tracks to be family and racer friendly so that beginners and more advanced RC enthusiasts can easily grow their passion, skills, and enjoy the pure excitement of mastering an RC car!


Our Indoor RC Track is located conveniently in our middle building right beside our massive SOAR Hobby and More store at 3151 Walker Road.  The paved floor allows for new learners and children to master their skills without constantly gaining too much speed for the corners, while challenging more advanced racers to efficiently coordinate their controls with their speed.  Take on the STUNT RAMP!  Perfectly rubberized to allow higher speed and for practicing all of the tricks you can think of! 

Rentals Available

We offer FREE use of the track to customers when you bring your own RC car! If you would like to use the track, but do not yet have your own RC car, we offer RENTAL CARS for individuals, groups and families.


Individual rentals are $25 per hour with an unlimited battery supply!  Just in case you’re coming in hot and something breaks, we offer our optional 2-breakage insurance for $10 per car.


Birthday Parties and Group Rentals

– 6 cars for 2 hrs
– 1 employee to flip cars, train drivers, run races and change batteries (adult required to assist with track)
– Your group will have exclusive use of our indoor track
– Personal decorations, food and drink permitted (no alcohol)
– Partial damage insurance provided (2 breakages per 3 cars); extra damages will be charged at a flat rate of $10/breakage
– Unlimited batteries

To Book

– A $100 deposit is required
– For groups over 6 people, add $10 extra per car
– Maximum 10 cars allowed on track; for larger parties, racers will be split into groups.
– Parties are limited to 20 members


FREE to use with your own car during our business hours! 10am-6:30pm Monday to Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sundays. Rentals are not available for the outdoor track.  Please sign in at the front desk in SOAR Hobby before using the track!