Venom 1645 Plug System: Traxxas, Deans, Tamiya, EC3


Key Features
Four Option Connection System (Traxxas®, Deans, Tamiya, EC3)
Reverse Polarity Protection
Low Resistance
High Conductivity
Silver Plated Connectors
Zytel High-Temp Plastic Plug Body

Today’s four most common battery plugs, Tamiya, Traxxas®, Deans and EC3 lack inter-connectivity between themselves. Venom’s new battery plug system features an easy to use, fool-proof interface that allows you to quickly convert batteries between any of the four most popular plug types. Venom Plugs deliver the power and flexibility you demand and beginning in September 2009, Venom will offer the Universal Battery Plug Set allowing users to convert their existing battery packs to this revolutionary plug system.

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