T.A. Emerald Body Detailer (6oz)


This is a six ounce can of T.A. Emerald Body Detailer. Body Detailer has been developed to polish, wax, clean and protect polycarbonate bodies. Body Detailer helps to bring out a lustrous shine and leaves the surfaces super smooth. Simple to use, just spray on surface and buff off.


For RC car bodies, boats, planes, helicopters, slot car bodies, and more
Excellent on Lexan, fiberglass, and other plastic surfaces
Polishes, waxes, cleans and protects
Brings out a lustrous shine
Simple to use: spray on and buff off

DIRECTIONS: Shake can well. Simply spray on surface and buff off using a soft cotton, terry cloth towel. For maximum effectiveness allow BODY DETAILER’S polish and wax to absorb onto the surface for 30 seconds before buffing. Multiple applications achieve maximum results.

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T.A. Emerald Body Detailer (6oz)

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