Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Double O-Ring Air Seal Nozzle for Airsoft AEG Series (Length: 21.25mm)


Precision CNC machined aluminum construction
Double O-rings for vastly improved airseal
Exact length laser engraved onto nozzle for easy visual identification while tuning
Improved durability over plastic nozzles
Standard label for nozzles are by gun and version, MaxxModel measures by millimeter so technicians can tune the depth the nozzle travels, essential for BB groupings, rate of fire, and speed; depth of the nozzle travel is between .1mm to .5mm or more depending on the brand.

General Nozzle Lengths:

19.63mm – AK Series
20.40mm – MP5-A4 / A5 / SD5 / SD6 Series
20.73mm – P90 Series
20.77mm – M16A1 VN / XM177E2 / CAR-15 Series
21.03mm – MP5-K / PDW Series
21.20mm – G3-A3 / A4 / SG-1 / MC51 Series
21.22mm – M4 / M16 Series
22.26mm – SIG 550 / 551 / 552 Series
24.27mm – G36 Series
24.60mm – AUG Series

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