APS Striker-12 “Street Sweeper” CO2 Powered Airsoft Shotgun (Model: Shotgun Only)



Aggressive, highly detailed design replicates the real Street Sweeper
Heavy-duty, stamped steel barrel assembly & rotating cylindrical magazine
High-tension spring-loaded rotary magazine for flawless round cycling
12-shell drum capacity unleashes tons of firepower
High-strength polymer body for maximum durability
Built-in spring loaded shell ejector
Steel folding stock with articulating stock pad
Uses gas-in-shell CAM870 Mk3 & SMART Airsoft shotgun shells (sold separately)

After years of development the Striker-12, popularly known as the “Street sweeper,” is now available in Airsoft form! This 12-guage, cylinder fed shotgun is made from high-strength stamped steel and is compatible with APS CAM870 SMART & Mk3 shotgun shells. The Stiker-12 features the same rotary cylinder magazine as the real firearm, making it a force to be reckoned with on the mean streets of your local Airsoft field. Airsoft adversaries beware when you descend upon them with this lean, mean Airsofting machine.

Manufacturer: APS

FPS Range: 340-370
Length: 20in / 29in (Folded / Extended) – 508mm / 736mm
Weight: 5.5lbs (2500g)
Shell Compatibility: APS CAM870 Mk3 & SMART shells (not included)
Shell Capacity: 6 to 7 rounds / per shell
Cylinder Capacity: 12 shells
Gas Type: CO2 (gas-in-shell)
Firing Modes: Safe / Fire
Max Range: ~20m
Effective Range: ~15m
Materials: Stamped steel (barrel, cylinder, stock), High-strength polymer
Package Includes: Shotgun

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