Angel Custom “Seraph Angel II” High Performance Polycarbonate Piston Head (Model: Elongated)


Designed to properly correct angle of engagement without weak homemade spacers (when combined with standard length piston)
Lightweight and durable polycarbonate reduces weight and improves reliability of the piston head
Compatible with standard pistons
Aluminum center core is 3mm longer, which allows more thread for the mounting screw and keeps all components centered
High grade rubber O-ring provides superior air seal ensuring reliable performance
Porting expands the O-ring providing a seal that fits most popular AEG cylinders
Thrust bearing assembly included
Porting ensures reliable O-ring Seal
Spacer is not attached, so it may be adjusted longer or shorter as needed by your specific build
Note: Seraph 2 not compatible with pistons that feature built-in AOE correction (overall piston length will be too long)

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