72V Standard Ebike Charger C13 Plug


Charger 72V, 2.5A (2500mA) Standard Polarity with Smart Charge for use with Lead-Acid batteries. Charger plug is a T-prong / T-connector version of a PC plug. The center port of this plug is T-shaped to accommodate any style of PC plug. Works with standard C13 plugs as well as various modified C13-style plugs. Pin configuration from left to right is N+, GND, L-.

Be sure to use this charger only in the designated applications with corresponding power ratings and polarities. We do not warrant this product against misuse, all chargers are tested before leaving our facility.

Voltage: 72V
Amperage: 2.5A (2500mA)
Polarity: Standard
Connector: C13

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