103717001 Club Car POWERDRIVE 3 48V/13A Battery Charger



The PowerDrive 3 Batter Charger functions as an integral part of Club Car’s Excel, IQ, PowerDrive and PowerDrive Plus electrical systems. Because the charger is controlled by the vehicle onboard computer, it will work with only Excel System, IQ Systems, PowerDrive and PowerDriver Plus electric vehicles. The charger is automatic and has no external controls. When the charger is connected, there is a 2 to 15 second delay before charging begins.

The on-board computer, having recorded the amount of energy consumed as the vehicle was used, directs the charger to replace exactly the amount of energy needed to fully replenish the batteries. The charger then shuts off automatically, preventing the possibility of either undercharging or overcharging. The computer accomplishes this by detecting when the exact amount of energy necessary has been returned to the batteries.


Charge Interlock

PowerDrive 3 battery charger DC plugs have three pins rather than two blades common on most standard charger plugs. Two of these pins are the positive and negative leads as on standard chargers; the third pin is a sensing lead that is the communication link between the charger and the on-board computer. When the charger plug is plugged into the vehicle receptacle, the on-board computer locks out the vehicle drive system. This prevents the possibility of driving the vehicle while the charger is plugged in and potentially damaging the vehicle and charger.

Long-Term Storage Charge

Vehicles with PowerDrive 3 chargers are designed to be left connected, with AC power to the charger on, during off-season storage. The on-board computer will automatically active the charger every 15 days. To return the vehicle to service, unplug the charger DC cord, wait 15 seconds for the computer to reset, and plug the charger back in. See following WARNING. This will ensure the batteries are at their optimum charge prior to returning the vehicle to service.

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