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Custom Ordering Info:

We order many products from suppliers all around the world. If there is something you need, we can order it for you. We order on a weekly schedule and can have items to you as quickly as 5 days. 

RC Cars Parts and equipment:

Horizon Hobby: Orders placed Tuesday evenings / Pickup following Tuesday.
1.35x list price for cars. 1.5x list price for small parts.

Tower Hobbies / Hobbico: Orders placed Tuesday evenings / Pickup following Tuesday. /
1.35x list price for cars. 1.5x list price for small parts.

Integy: Orders placed Tuesday evenings / Pickup 2 Tuesdays after.
1.5x list price.

A-Main: Orders placed Tuesday evenings / Pickup 2 Tuesdays after.
Call for quote for cars. 2x list price for small parts.

RC Pro: Orders placed Tuesday evenings / Pickup following Tuesday.
Price Match

Airsoft Guns and Equipment:

Evike: Orders placed every other Wednesday at noon / Pickup 2 Tuesdays after.
Prices vary. Call for quote.

We can order airsoft equipment from nearly anywhere in the world. Pricing is quoted on a case to case basis.

Birthday Parties

If you want a race car Birthday, then hold on to your seat.

Package $149 plus tax
-includes 6 cars for the full 2 hours
-includes 1 employees to flip cars, train drivers, run races and change batteries, parents will be tasked to help in these jobs
-the track is closed to everyone except your group and family
-includes detonating an airsoft sound grenade or rocket launcher (pending availability)
-you can bring packaged snacks and beverages

1. For bookings on Friday, Saturday or Sunday please add $50 to package price
2. A $50 deposit is required to book party.
3. For groups over 6 people, add $10 for each extra car.
4. For larger groups, lets say 12 kids, then we set you up with 6 cars. Then we would establish Group A (6 kids) and Group B (6 kids) and the birthday boy/girl races in both groups.

All About Batteries

Batteries power many of our products, from RC to airsoft, to Ebikes. They are often an overlooked aspect of performance, and require maintenance to function in peak performance. We aim to clear up misconceptions and let you know how to best operate your products to ensure a long life.
What do all these terms mean?
Ebike batteries come in connected packs with a certain number of cells. To achieve acceptable levels of power, these are tied together in a box/pack to provide the power necessary for what the battery is installed in. (I.E. 4 12v batteries in an ebike= 48v, 3 3.7v Lipo cells= 11.1v).
Ah or Amp-hours, is a measure of capacity. Often measured in mAh (milliAmp-hours), this lets you know how long a battery will last.
"C" rating. This defines the rate a Lipo battery can be discharged. It is measured as a multiple of it's Amp-hour rating. A 1Ah 20c battery can be discharged at 20amps safely. Generally C ratings are limited to Lipo batteries, as they can be discharged many times faster then other types. 

Lead Acid Batteries:

Maintenance of batteries is absolutely essential to the long term value of an Ebike. Generally in the form of 12v sealed cells, lead acid batteries power the vast majority of electric scooters we have in stock. It is very important to remember the following:

-Lead acid batteries should not be allowed to completely drain. They can be recharged, but it will shorten the life of the battery.

-It is necessary to keep the battery charged by charging on a regular basis. Even if an ebike is not in use, we recommend charging the battery monthly.

-Do not expose the battery to extreme cold. Canadian winters can be severely destructive to lead acide batteries. Exposure to temperatures below -20 degrees C. will freeze and damage the battery.

-If a battery has bulging sides or reads below it's rated voltage, it is likely damaged beyond repair, and should be replaced.

Ni-MH and Ni-Cad

Ni-Cad batteries are generally obsolete and have been replaced by the more modern Ni-MH. When using Ni-Cad, it is important to remember to fully discharge the battery before charging to eliminate the "memory effect" that may reduce capacity.

Ni-MH batteries are the most common battery in our RC and airsoft products. They are generally included with the car and offer good performance at a cheaper price then other options. Easy to maintain, there are a few things to remember about Ni-MH batteries.

-Do not charge at higher amps then it's Amp-hour rating. Slower is better, and if the battery is getting hot, you are charging it too fast.

-Do not let the battery die completely. This wont necessarily hurt the battery, but can cause them to read incorrectly in some smart chargers, which can cause problems during charging.

Lipo (Lithium Polymer)

Offering unparalleled discharge rates and energy density, these batteries often cost more and have specific concerns that users must be aware of.

It is very important to never short circuit, charge or discharge excessively quickly or physically damage a Lipo battery. Doing so, may cause the battery to catch fire and/or explode!

Do not charge a Lipo at a greater rate then 1c. Chargers may be capable of faster charging rate, but batteries are not designed to support it. If your Lipo is warm when you are charging it, you are charging too fast.

-It is very important to never let a Lipo battery die completely. Most products that use Lipos have sensors built in to detect when a battery is nearing the end of it's capacity and to automatically disable the vehicle. Be very wary if your vehicle does not have some form of low voltage detection. Letting a Lipo battery die is permanent and renders the battery useless. By the time you notice the power in your device slowing, it may already be too late.

-Generally lipo batteries have exceptional discharge rates. High-end controllers may exceed this and damage batteries. A sign of damage to a battery is a "puffy" or bloated look. These should be discarded and recycled responsibly.

-Do not throw out Lipo batteries. It is dangerous for landfills, and lithium is a non-renewable resource that is already facing shortages. Daymak Windsor will recycle used Lipos that are dropped off at our store.

Buying Airsoft

Around since the 80s, airsoft is a sport similar to paintball, in which players shoot plastic BBs at each other to defeat the opposing team and complete objective. Generally a large emphasis is put on realism with equipment meant to replicate past and current military gear and weapons. This can often create conflict when people who aren't familiar with the sport are introduced from others irresponsible use.

At Daymak Windsor, we understand it is everyone's responsibility to ensure our products are used safely, and this guide will give you some information about legal and safety requirements in the sport.

The weapons used include BB guns that fire plastic BBs, rubber combat knives, landmines, as well as homemade devices such as Nerf cannons and BB firing bows. Safe play is achieved from ballistic protective eye-wear, face shields and various pads to protect against trips and falls.

There are several legal and safety concerns with airsoft, due to the realistic nature of the equipment. Airsoft guns can be easily mistaken for real firearms, and will be treated as such by law enforcement. Airsoft guns should be transported and handled as you would with a real firearm. An airsoft gun must legally be unloaded and disabled for transport or storage. It is good practice to keep them locked in a proper gun case as well.

Airsoft guns are considered “Uncontrolled” firearms, and defined by the Firearms Act. They are exempt from licensing requirements for purchase and possession, but you must be 18+ to purchase any airsoft gun. Uncontrolled firearms are not treated as a separate class of firearms when used in a crime. Any crime committed with an airsoft gun is treated identically as a real firearm would be.

What do I need to start playing?

Airsoft gun:

These come in a huge number to styles to replicate all manor of firearms, from small pistols to large crew served machine-guns. The type of gun you'd want to buy should reflect on the style of play you like and the aesthetic you're going for. Someone interested in doing Vietnam war reenacting would likely choose something used in that time frame.

Power sources: Most airsoft guns are powered by manual springs, electric or gas. Each has distinctive benefits and downsides.

Spring: These are the most basic airsoft guns. Human power is used to compress the spring that pushes a piston to push air and fire the BB. Generally inexpensive, and used mostly in bolt action rifles and shotguns. Requires no additional equipment to use. Since they have to be cocked manually, they are often at a disadvantage due to a low rate of fire.

Electric: These comprise the vast majority of larger airsoft guns. An electric motor compresses a spring to push air and fire a BB. They tend to be moderately priced and low maintenance with exceptional performance. An automatic electric gun or AEG is strongly recommended for new players.
Gas: Using either propane or CO2, these use compressed gas to force BBs out the barrel. Generally used for handguns, which are often too small for electric systems, gas airsoft guns come in all sizes. Often more expensive then their electric counterparts, these airsoft guns offer unmatched realism at the expense of higher maintenance. Recommended for target shooting and advanced players.

Safety Gear:

Eye protection is essential for any airsoft use. Even when shooting at targets, it must be used, as BBs have a strong tendency to bounce off hard surfaces. When gaming, eye protection that fully seals to the face around the eyes is required. Safety glasses are not sufficient. Airsoft BBs can easily blind even at long range. Face protection is also strongly recommended. Teeth have been lost many times by people who have used improper protection. A metal mesh mask is the best solution, although thick fabric or mouth guards can also be used.

The vast majority of airsoft injuries are caused by tripping and falling. Boots with good ankle support and knee pads are an important investment.


Things like camouflage, sidearms, radios, and tactical gear, while not absolutely necessary, can greatly improve performance and enjoyment of the game. There is no right and wrong for what equipment to buy. Airsoft players constantly customize and tweak their load-out to suit their unique style.

Target shooting and collecting:

One of the most popular uses for airsoft is collecting. Many firearms that airsoft guns emulate may be restricted or prohibited, and airsoft is a great way to legally display these models. Remember that airsoft guns may be displayed in the open, but must always be unloaded and disabled (no battery or gas).

For target shooting, it is important to always wear eye protection, and be aware of your surroundings. Airsoft guns may only be discharged outdoors on private property outside of city limits. Discharging any projectile outdoors within Windsor, or Essex County Town limits is a bylaw infraction.

Airsoft is a popular sport with a long history, but it's existence is dependent on the responsible use by all players. If you have any other questions about the sport or equipment, give us a call at Daymak Windsor (226 783 9221), and we'd be happy to answer them.

Places to Play

We work with several local groups that host games. Many require membership before they will allow new players on the field. Please contact us for more info about joining these groups.

Our Tracks

We are proud to offer Windsor's only outdoor RC track. A winding course complete with jumps, hairpin curves, banked corners and an elevated stand, ensures you will never get bored with trying to master the course.
The course is great for all kinds of off-road RC cars, from buggies to short course trucks, monster trucks and even rock racers. We allow both gas and electric, with scales from 1/16 all the way up to 1/8.
If our track is clear, we even allow 1/5 scale vehicles on for test purposes!

The track is built on a clay base and has integrated drainage, so our track is race-ready as little as hours after rainfall. It is open whenever our hobby store is, which for the summer and fall is 7 DAYS A WEEK!

It is also one of the most affordable places for the family to spend the afternoon. Our daily fee is $10 TAX INCLUDED per racer, and we also offer monthly passes for $30 TAX INCLUDED!

We also have a large line-up of rental cars available. Rentals are available whenever our track is dry, for $25+HST for the first hour, and only $10+HST for each hour after that. Unlimited batteries and a free daily pass for the rental's racer is included with this offer.
Please note that customers are liable for damage to rental cars including damage due to crashes or excessive impact from jumps.